Our children are not getting the education they deserve.

The Conservatives are cutting school funding to the bone, failing our children. Schools are struggling to afford basic supplies and teachers are being put under impossible pressure.

The Liberal Democrats demand better for our children’s futures. We will give teachers the resources they need to teach and pupils need to learn.

Our children are not getting the education they deserve. The Conservative Government’s flawed funding has created this crisis, leading to teachers leaving and increased class sizes. Teachers should not have to buy resources out of their own pockets, while parents are asked for additional donations simply to keep the most basic services available at our schools.

Our plan will ensure children from all backgrounds have the education they deserve, giving them the best chance in life, and make sure teachers can get back to teaching our children.


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Reverse cuts to school funding

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Triple the Early Years Pupil Premium - money which provides additional support to children from disadvantaged backgrounds - to £1000

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Guarantee all teachers a pay rise which is at least in line with inflation and invest more in teachers' continued professional development

On education funding and teachers, the Liberal Democrats will:

  • Reverse school cuts with an emergency cash injection so that teachers can get on with the job of teaching rather than having to concentrate on budgeting for the basics
  • Protect the Pupil Premium which targets extra help at disadvantaged children
  • Invest in new school buildings and repairs to keep up with rising pupil numbers
  • Ensure that teachers are paid fairly for the work they do
  • Guarantee that all teachers in state-funded schools will be fully qualified or working towards qualified teacher status
  • Introduce a clear and properly funded entitlement to 25 hours a year of genuinely high-quality continuing professional development for all teachers, rising in the long-term to the OECD average of 50 hours

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