register to vote

Voting is your chance to elect those you believe will best represent your interests, in local, national and European matters. Find what you can vote for at different elections in the UK.

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in elections and referendums. You can register to vote online at You will need your National Insurance number (if you have one). You will also need to give your name, address and previous address, nationality and date of birth. If this information cannot be verified during the checking process the local Electoral Registration Officer will contact you for more information before you can be registered to vote.

Postal vote

Have you ever missed an election because you forgot or were away from home on election day?

Why not set up a postal vote?  You can choose to set one up for one election, or many.  It is a safe and secure way of making sure you get your vote in.

All you need to do is click on the link, fill in the form and return it to Tandridge Council.  A couple of week's before any election you will receive your ballot paper in the post and you simply return it in the envelope provided.  If you forget to send it back, you can take it in its envelope to your normal polling station on election day. Please note: you will not be able to vote at the polling station without your postal ballot.

Click here for the postal vote form

If you are going to be away for longer than  couple of weeks, or if you are unwell, you can apply for a proxy vote to enable someone you trust to vote in your place.

Click here for the proxy vote form

More details can be found on the Tandridge website