house of lords

Too many people feel that our political system does not work for them.

Our outdated electoral system means many citizens are left feeling that their votes simply won't make a difference. Labour and the Conservatives simply aren’t interested in making our politics more responsive.

solar panels

The climate emergency is an existential threat. Air pollution is damaging too many lives.

The Conservatives haven’t taken this problem seriously. We have no time to lose: this is an urgent crisis that demands real action now. The Liberal Democrats demand action now.


British rights and freedoms are under threat. Labour and Tory MPs consistently vote for new laws that curtail civil liberties and state intelligence agencies routinely invade our privacy.

Britain’s immigration system is in desperate need of reform. Decades of incompetence and cruelty by Labour and Tory Home Secretaries have shattered confidence in the system.


Everyone should be able to afford a place to live in a safe, clean, and friendly neighbourhood. That’s not the reality for millions of people today.

The Conservatives have cut police budgets, leading to a rise in violent crime. They have failed to build the homes we need to stop the housing crisis. They have left too many families unable to make ends meet.

The Liberal Democrats demand better. People who play their part in the community should have the opportunity to get on in life.


Our children are not getting the education they deserve.

The Conservatives are cutting school funding to the bone, failing our children. Schools are struggling to afford basic supplies and teachers are being put under impossible pressure.

The Liberal Democrats demand better for our children’s futures. We will give teachers the resources they need to teach and pupils need to learn.


Britain should be a country proud of its role overseas. We are a country of liberal, cooperative, compassionate values; our behaviour on the world stage should reflect that.
Sadly those values are under threat. Some mistakenly believe patriotism in our outlook must mean narrow nationalism.

Liberal Democrats demand better. We believe Britain, working with our partners, can be a positive actor supporting peace and security throughout the world.


The British economy is not fit for the 21st century.

Labour and Conservative governments have pandered to monied interests for too long. Too many people are in low paid, insecure jobs, high streets are being left behind, and small businesses are under huge pressure.

The Liberal Democrats will stand up to power and privilege to build an economy that works for you.

nhs staff

The NHS and social care services are in a state of crisis. When people turn for help, too often help is not there.

The Conservatives haven’t faced up to the problem. Waiting times have increased, staff feel undervalued, and patient care is suffering. The way things are today are not the way they have to be. We shouldn’t settle for NHS and social care services in a state of crisis that the Conservatives do not care to fix.