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The UK should be leading the world in tackling the climate emergency. We are the first generation to know we are destroying the environment, and the last generation with a chance to do something about it before it is too late. There is no Planet B.

Alex at Tandridge District Council

Communities should be empowered to have maximum control over their local services.

plastic bottles

The Liberal Democrats will set out a raft of policies as part of a radical plan to end the UK’s reliance on plastic.

surgeons operating

We will tackle the staffing crisis and invest in mental health services, social care, public health and more.

Teachers and children

There is a crisis in teacher retention and recruitment in our schools, driven by years of real-terms pay cuts.

jo swinson at a school

We will use this money to boost teaching numbers by 20,000 and increase starting salaries to £30,000.


Five reasons you should vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Rough sleeper

No one should be forced to sleep on the streets. Yet every night, 5,000 people sleep rough across the UK.

hurricane from spce

The UK should be leading the world in tackling the climate crisis, but the Tories are failing to address it.

As part of our ‘Plan for a Brighter Future’, we will fight the climate crisis with all the ambition and urgency required.


Statistics released this week show how badly the NHS is faring under Tory rule. But the Liberal Democrats have a plan to fix it.

This week NHS England released statistics on the NHS’s key performance measures - and they are abysmal.