Our local Lib Dem campaign teams are finding surprising welcomes behind normally Tory-voting doors.

Parliamentary candidate Alex Ehmann and his team are finding more and more people are switching to support the Liberal Democrats for this election across the whole of the East Surrey constituency.

Early indications show support back to where it was at the 2010 General Election when the Lib Dems finished second behind the Tory, now Lib Dem MP, Sam Gyimah. With over three weeks until Polling Stations open on 12 December, there's plenty of time for the gap to close further.

Positive feedback for the Liberal Democrat's unambiguous 'Stop Brexit' stance is also being voiced on social media, with many users Tweeting that as former Conservative voters they are now supporting the Lib Dems for the first time. Some Labour voters are voicing similar remarks, concerned over Jeremy Corbyn's reluctance to get off the fence over Brexit. The Labour leader has frequently declined to tell the country whether he personally will support Remain or Leave in any future referendum.

This picture of a surge in Lib Dem support is being seen across the South East. A recent counicl by-election in Tunbridge Wells saw the Liberal Democrats come from 3rd place to oust the Tory candidate with a swing of 26.3%. The Lib Dems beat both the Tories and Labour in May's EU election across the South East region, returning 3 MEPs to represent us in Brussels.

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