Liberal Democrat Alex Ehmann is the only Remain candidate standing in East Surrey at the General Election on 12 December.

Local voters across Tandridge and Horley might rightly have thought there is a choice of three parties that support remaining in the EU. However, Labour's leader now says he won't campaign to remain if he's elected, agrees a new deal and holds a 2nd referendum. Why would he campaign against his own deal?

This week, the Green Party candidate has announced, both at public hustings and on Twitter, he personally will support Brexit despite The Green Party's manifesto stating the opposite.

The Green Party, Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru have agreed a "Remain Alliance" across 60 seats in the UK which is based on their manifestos Remain stance. Labour refused to join this alliance instead dreaming they can win an outright majority.

With East Surrey's former UKIP candidate - now independent - and the Tories on the side of Leave at all costs, Alex Ehmann and the Liberal Democrats stand as the only choice for voters wishing to send a clear message to remain in the EU family.

A vote for any other party than the Lib Dems in East Surrey is a vote for years of misery, economic woe, and loss of freedoms.