Caterham Valley branch covers the Tandridge District Council wards of Harestone, Valley and Whyteleafe.
These three wards are represented by six seats on the council, four of which are held by Liberal Democrats.

Caterham Valley Parish Council is represented by six councillors. [MAP]
Whyteleafe Village Council is represented by seven councillors. [MAP]


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With elections in 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19, there is a flurry of elections on May 6th this year!

Harestone, Valley and Whyteleafe wards have four elections

District Council

Surrey County Council

Parish/Village Council

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner

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What will the Liberal Democrats achieve at County Hall?

Ensure SCC secures a reputation for being effective; we will cut back office costs and high salaries to ensure value for money and to pay for new services.

Ensure competent contract management and enforcement so services are quality assured the first time - pot holes to stay fixed, verges cut at the right time, responses to emergencies are timely and effective.


jeffrey gray

Jeffrey Gray is standing for election in the Caterham Valley division for Surrey County Council

david lee

David Lee is standing for re-election in Whyteleafe ward for the District Council and to Whyteleafe Village Council

alun jones

Alun Jones is standing for re-election in the Valley ward for Tandridge District Council and to Caterham Valley Parish Council

annette evans

Annette Evans is standing for election in Harestone ward for the District Council and to Caterham Valley Parish Council

jenny gaffney

Jenny Gaffney is standing for election in Valley ward for Tandrudge District Council

john moffatt

John Moffatt is standing for election to Whyteleafe Village Council